We Custom Design Every Dairy's Lighting System

Design a Custom Lighting System for Your Dairy


With the dimensions of your buildings we can custom design the best, and most cost effective diary lighting solution for your operations.

Lighting Design Software


Once we know the building measurements, and the height your lights need to be above the floor (in order to allow easy access for all of your farm equipment). We can immediately calculate the number of lights and the correct locations for each light to provide optimum lighting.

Easy to Use Controller


Once installed it is easy to set up the controller for your system so that it can regulate the light properly to optimize milk production, health, and fertility.

5 foot Smart Dairy Light


Our Standard dairy light for barns and buildings. 5 feet long, 70W 7800 lumens of light output. Scientifically designed spectrum for dairy cattle.

200W HighBay Light


200 Watts of LED lighting power at 130 lm/W yields a powerful 26000 lumens of lighting.  For tall structures or outdoor areas.

Easy Installation


Lights are easy to connect and wire, mounting is made easier with hardware designed for this use,  many farmers have installed the lights themselves. But we recommed an electrician take a look at it anyway.