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The Science of Light

Using the science of light to improve milk production, fertility, and  health.


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Science of Lighting

Dairy Lighting, Dairy Income, Profit, Revenue, automatic

Using research from major universities, and our own research, offers lighting systems which improve fertility rate, increase milk production, and keeps the cows more healthy, productive, and content.

A technique called LDL (Long DayLight)

Milk Production, Dairy Lighting, profit, revenue

Research has proven that lactating cows are more productive if they are given an environment of sufficient illumination, of the right type, for 16 to 18 hours per day.

Return on Investment

Milk Production, Increase milk, profit, revenue

With our lighting systems, most farmers will see results within 3 weeks,

 and obtain a full return on investment in less than 6 to 10 months.

Now -- Financing Options Available


With higher feed costs and reduced milk prices,  many farmers would have trouble finding the funding to install this advanced lighting system. So we have financing programs available to assist the farmer, so that the system can be installed and begin to provide the many benefits, and the lights can be paid for over time. Since the lights generally provide more milk production, and higher fertility rates, it is then much easier to acquire the system and start to enjoy its benefits.

Contact us for information on the financing plans available.

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