Advanced Dairy Lighting System Improves Dairy Profitability

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Improved Milk Production

University research indicates an 8% to 15% improvement in milk production. Our customers verify this with the results reported from their operations.

Increased Fertility Rates

Research shows that the proper lighting improves fertility rates. Farmers have reported increased rates of 25% to 33% after installing our lighting system.

Lower Power Consumption

In general modern LED lighting can be about twice as efficient as fluorescent lighting.  However our carefully engineered dairy light sources can further reduce power consumption by as much as 50% (or more). to find out more, contact us and a Field Engineer will explain this and answer any questions.

Improved Health

Providing an optimum circadian rhythm for dairy cattle has many beneficial side effects. It allows better growth rates for calves, higher fertility rates in cows, and helps promote better overall health.

Increased Revenue for the Farmer

Profitability for the farmer is improved in several ways. Usually the largest factor is increase in milk production. But farmers also see more calves per year, lower utility costs and much lower maintenance costs for lighting (compared to other light sources), and 

often even lower veterinarian bills.

The estimated average annual production per cow is just over $4,000.00 in milk. With this system, a farmer could see an increase of about $337.00 per cow, per year.  This of course translates into $33,700.00 increased revenue per 100 cows.

The System Pays for itself in a few months!!!

Drop us a line, and we will be glad to help you calculate your estimated gain in milk production, and your costs versus benefits  for installing a system like this in your facilities.


Reduced Maintenance Cost

With an expected lifespan of more than 17 years (estimated useful life is 34 years). Lightbulb replacement and maintenance is reduced to almost nothing.

The lights are waterproof and impervious to most cleaners and disinfectants, (IP rating IP68), so they can be washed down easily.

Financial Assistance Available

With higher feed costs and reduced milk prices,  many farmers would have trouble finding the funding to install this advanced lighting system. So we have financing programs available to assist the farmer, so that the system can be installed and begin to provide the many benefits, and the lights can be paid for over time. Since the lights generally provide more milk production, and higher fertility rates, it is then much easier to acquire the system and start to enjoy its benefits.

Contact us for information on the financing plans available.

Select Dairy Farms Recieve Additional Discounts

We are setting up farms in each local region of the US as demonstration locations. If your farm is the first in your area to acquire this system, we offer significant discounts if you are willing to allow other local dairy farmers take a look at your system and the benefits it provides for you.

Free Consultation

Our team offers free consultation, before , during, and after installation. We can calculate a good estimate of the increased milk production you will achieve, before the system is installed. We can also evaluate your operations and lighting, and offer suggestions which will optimize the benefits of the enhanced lighting system.

Referral Program

At any time, if you refer a customer to us and we install a system for them, we pay a referral fee directly to you. We can provide more information on our referral program, just drop us a line.

Confidence in this Lighting Technology

So many farms have seen the benefits of our enhanced dairy lighting system that we are confident it can be of great help.  For a free analysis of your dairy farm just call or email.

Phone: (408) 393 8775