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How it all began.

We began designing lighting, years ago, to promote biological processes, by designing LED lighting with the correct spectral content to promote the growth of a specific algae used in the production of bio-fuel.

While developing this lighting we looked into a wide range of university studies, from universities worldwide, which disclosed many interesting uses for applied lighting science in plants and animals.

So we began designing and testing lighting for dairy cattle, beef production, poultry and pig farming.

Given the excellent results we encountered working with dairy lighting, we decided to study, focus on and develop this line of products. We developed and tested many iterations of light designs, finally arriving at the proven system now available. 

We are proud of this system, because it provides dairies, even small dairies, with a better ability to remain profitable in difficult markets.

Our Company

We are a growing, family-owned company, located on a farm in northeast Texas. When we began this project we were located in Silicon Valley, but soon realized we wanted to move our operations to a farm setting, so we could test and personally experience the benefit of our work. The founders are from families with a farming heritage and we grew up on our family's farms.

Once we found a suitable farm and location, we then constructed new development facilities and laboratory on the new farm, and equipped it with all of the technologies and equipment required for research development and testing of our products, and launched DairyLighting.com.

We saw that dairy farmers were faced with declining milk prices and needed every advantage available to remain viable and profitable.

DairyLighting.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of a family business Akins Enterprises. We employ scientists and engineers, and work with farmers to accomplish their needs and goals.  We don't need or employ salesmen, but we do have helpful and knowledgeable Field Engineers who can help you and answer any questions.

For inquiries or questions, email: Sales@DairyLighting.com

Phone: (408) 393 8775